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HISTORY MEME | six women: lucrezia borgia

A cautious rehabilitation of her reputation began in the nineteenth century, but the general conclusion was that, if she were not a murderer and a whore, she was no more than an empty-headed blonde, helpless victim of the males in her family. The truth is that in a world where the dice were heavily loaded in favour of men, Lucrezia operated within the circumstances of her time to forge her own destiny. Born the illegitimate daughter of one of the most notorious of Renaissance popes, Alexander VI, she was married at the age of thirteen to a man she had never met, then divorced from him at the behest of her father and brother and remarried to a second husband who was murdered on the orders of her brother when she was just twenty. It was then that she took her fate into her own hands and was actively involved in the promotion of her third marriage, to Alfonso d’Este, the future Duke of Ferrara […] she ruled over a magnificent court with herself as the focus of a circle of poets and intellectuals. In times of war and plague, she administered justice and oversaw the defence of Ferrara. As she had survived the violence of the papal court of the Borgias she survived the inbred violence of the Este family; only childbirth, the curse of the age for women, ultimately defeated her.” - Sarah Bradford, Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy

#the strongest character on the show #the beauty of the borgia legend is that lucrezia is the sole survivor #not alexander who orchestrated it all #not cesare the brilliant icon #but lucrezia #the madonna they both worshiped #the woman whose death would have killed a part of them #yet she never died #she lived through their deaths because she was made of sterner stuff #and she is the best basically

Robert Downey Jr and his son, Exton, for Vanity Fair

lovin’ this conduit thing

Confidence goals: Kanye West 

Attitude goals: Rihanna

Money goals: Beyonce

Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.

Emma Watson, who is bold and brave and a real world heroine just as good as Hermione Granger.  (via speaklivewrite)

"She brought out this humor in him, and he brought out this depth in her. There was a magical quality about them. Andrew has an ability to do emotional gravity really well. Emma’s presence is so light. Put them together and they had spontaneous grounded realism. They were so naturalistic. They never fake things." - Marc Webb

Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.